What is fertilizer crusher made by Tongda Heavy Industry for your fertilizer processing?

Fertilizer crusher is an important machine in fertilizer production line. In general, it refers to the machine that pulverizes your raw materials into fine powder. At present, Tongda designs seven types fertilizer crush machine. They are new type vertical crusher, semi-wet material crusher, urea crusher, cage crusher, chain crusher, hammer crusher and straw crusher. You can use them to quickly crush chicken manure, humic acid, cow dung, urea, straw, food waste, sludge, etc. What’s more, Tongda semi-wet crushing machine is dedicated for high moisture raw materials. That is to say, your fertilizer material can contain 25% to 50% moisture. Besides, based on mare than 30 year’s production experience, Tongda has a more comprehensive understanding of customer needs. Therefore, if you have any question or demand to fertilizer crush machine, please feel free to contact us in time.

Tongda Hammer fertilizer crusher
Tongda Hammer fertilizer crusher

Tongda Chain Crusher For returned materials
Tongda Chain Crusher For returned materials

Which one is the best choice for you about the 4 different high quality fertilizer crusher from Tongda

Just now, you have learned that Tongda manufactures 7 different machines for crushing your organic materials. Furthermore, there is a little difference among these fertilizer crushing machines. There Tongda engineer will show you the detailed information about our fertilizer pulverizer machines.

Tongda Heavy Industry crush machine: Applied to high moisture fertilizer materials

Tongda can provide you two kinds of crushers for processing high moisture materials. That is new type vertical crusher and semi-wet material crusher.

  • Long service life new type vertical crusher

It is a newly one designed by Tongda engineer, which is a kind of adjustable crusher machine. Moreover, there is no screen cloth. Usually, new type vertical crusher is widely used in organic fertilizer production. Besides, the crushing blade adopts special material, which promises its service life is triple times more than other crush machines. What’s more, the largest production capacity is 8-15/th. So, assembled our vertical crusher, your crushing efficiency will have a great improvement.

New Type Vertical Fertilizer Crusher
New Type Vertical Fertilizer Crusher

Tongda New Type Vertical Fertilizer Crusher

  • Model: TDFLF-1000
  • Power: 37kw
  • Dimensions: 1800*1200*2500
  • InLet Size(mm): 650*450
  • Capacity: 8-15t/h
  • Color: red (can be customized)

  • Three great features of Tongda new type vertical rock breaker for you

  1. Strong application, especially for high moisture material. Furthermore, there is not easy to block.
  2. Long service life. As you have learned, it has the longest service life among Tongda 7 crushing machines.
  3. High crushing efficiency and easy to replace the wearing parts.
  • Wide application semi-wet material fertilizer crusher

Tongda semi-wet material crusher is popular in bio organic compost fertilizer, cow manure fertilizer production. Furthermore, it is perfectly available for MSW compost, grass mud carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste. Lastly, if you have a large livestock or poultry farm, our semi-wet crush machine could help you efficiently processing your manure droppings. Besides, due to its capacity is relatively smaller than vertical crusher, you can use it for your mini organic fertilizer production line.

Semi-wet Material Crusher
Semi-wet Material Crusher

Tongda semi-wet material crusher

  • Model: TDSF-40
  • Power: 22kw
  • Dimensions: 1200*1350*900
  • InLet Size(mm): 400*240
  • Capacity: 1-1.5t/h
  • Crushing Granularity(mesh):50
  • Color: red (can be customized)

Crush machine: Dedicated for compound fertilizer materials

There is also two types fertilizer crusher, which helps you to manufacture high-quality compound fertilizer. One is urea crusher and another is cage crusher. Both of them are necessary machines for compound fertilizer, like npk compound fertilizer making.

  • Cage crusher

Commonly speaking, Tongda cage crusher is a medium -sized horizontal cage bars crush machine. It adopts the principle of impact breaking. The cage bars within inside and outside rotates in opposite direction with high speed. Therefore, the compound materials will be crushed by the impact of the cage bar when through the two sets of cages. Tongda designed two models for you: TDLSF-600 and TDLSF-800. If you want to know more messages about this fertilizer crusher, please contact us now!

Cage crusher for organic fertilizer
Cage crusher for organic fertilizer

Tongda cage crusher for organic fertilizer

  • Model: TDLSF-800
  • Power: 15*2kw
  • Dimensions: 1500*1400*1500
  • InLet Size(mm): 300*250
  • Capacity: 6-10 t/h
  • Application: Compound fertilizer materials

  • Urea crusher

As the name suggests, it is especially for urea fertilizer production. Urea crusher mainly uses the grinding and cutting of the gap between the roller and the concave plate. The clearance size determines the degree of material crushing. What’ more, the drum speed and diameter can be adjustable. Furthermore, you can control the production volume by adjusting the feeding port.

urea crusher for compound fertilizer
urea crusher for compound fertilizer

Tongda advanced urea crusher for compound fertilizer

  • Model: TDU-600
  • Power: 4-18.5kw
  • Motor Speed: 1200(r/min)
  • Overall Size: 1800*110*1160
  • Weight: 1100kg

The above 4 fertilizer crushing machine is the most common type among fertilizer crushing equipment. If you have interest in Tongda facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Tongda straw crushing machine for making compost for sale

Do you have a big farm? Do you still worry about how to process the large amount of straw after harvest? If you are now in this condition, Tongda could provide fertilizer machine for you to make your own fertilizer. Our straw crusher can perfectly crush your straw into fine powder. Then you can compost straw powder into fertilizer which provides great fertility for the growth of your crops. In addition, our crusher will not occupy your large space and it is simple to operation. The most important is that there is no dust pollution, which is environmental very much.

Tongda straw crushing machine
Tongda straw crushing machine

Straw fertilizer crush machine
Straw fertilizer crush machine

What is npk crusher manufactured by Tongda Heavy Industry?

Npk crusher belongs to compound fertilizer crusher, which is famous in compound fertilizer production line. Therefore, it refers to the cage crusher. Whether you want to make npk compound powder fertilizer or npk compound granule fertilizer, the cage crushing facility is necessary. For manufacturing npk compound fertilizer, you firstly should assemble a fine pulverizer to crush the n, p, k and other matching materials into fine powder. Then, you can go on to the npk powder fertilizer screening process or npk fertilizer granulating process.

How many times you need to use fertilizer crusher during cow dung fertilizer production line?

Generally, there are totally two times that you may use cow crushing machine in a complete cow manure fertilizer production line. The first time is before cow dung materials fermentation. Then the second time is before cow manure fertilizer mixing process. On the one hand, you should firstly crush the cow dung lump into powder for meeting requirements of materials fermentation. Also, it is convenient for composting machine to turn the crushed cow manure. Next, you should crush the fermented cow dung again before mixing the fertilizer powder evenly. That is make the preparation for making good fertilizer pellets. So, it is necessary for you to assemble a crusher in fertilizer plants. If you have and demand for fertilizer crusher, welcome to contact us in time.

Whether you are interest in the above fertilizer crushing equipment, please contact us now. Then our sales manager will give you the latest information for your reference.

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