Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Generally speaking, small scale organic fertilizer production line is a kind of organic fertilizer manufacturing line. Compared with the large-scale organic manure production line, it occupies less space and spends less money. Thus, it is widely applied to the small fertilizer production plant. To be honest, the small-scale organic manure manufacturing line is also used to process fermented organic matters and produces all kinds of organic fertilizer.

Tongda could provide complete small production line machines for the powder fertilizer manufacturing plant and the granular fertilizer making factory.   However, the granular production line is more complexity than powder making line. The capacity is usually between 1t/h and 4t/h. What’s more, Tongda supports customized products. So, if you have interest, please contact us in your free time.

Small- scale organic fertilizer production process
Small- scale organic fertilizer production process

Tongda Complete Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production Line Machines For Sale

Dewatering machine

Fertilizer solid-liquid separator machine is a kind of dewatering equipment. Hence, it can effectively remove the moisture from the wet materials. If your raw materials has suitable moisture content for composting, you do not need to equip with this machine.

Tongda fertilizer dewatering machine for small fertilizer plant
Tongda fertilizer dewatering machine for small fertilizer plant

Tongda fertilizer dewatering machine for small fertilizer plant

  • Model: TD-180
  • Main Power(kw): 4
  • Pump Power(kw): 2.2
  • Voltage(v): 380
  • Dimension(mm):2020×650×1150

Compost turner

Fertilizer compost turner is the main machine for fertilizer production line. Furthermore, compost turner is widely used to the fermentation process, turning and mixing the raw materials in order to shorten fermentation period. Tongda develops a series small scale compost turner for you such as: self propelled turning machine, groove type compost windrow turner and crawler type organic turning machine. All of them can help you quickly finish organic materials fermentation.

Self Propelled Compost Turner
Self Propelled Compost Turner

Self Propelled Compost Turner

  • Model: TDM-240
  • Compost Width: 2.6m
  • Compost Height: 0.8-1.2m
  • Moving Speed: 4.5-5.5m/min(adjustable)
  • Color: red(can be customized)

Fertilizer crusher

Our company has two types of fertilizer crusher for the organic substance crushing, the semi-wet material crusher and the new type vertical crusher. So, both of them can adopt to the raw materials with high moisture.

New Type Vertical fertilizer mixing equipment
New Type Vertical fertilizer mixing equipment


Tongda New Type Vertical fertilizer mixing equipment

  • Model: TDFLF-1000
  • Power: 37kw
  • Dimensions: 1800*1200*2500
  • InLet Size(mm): 650*450
  • Capacity: 8-15t/h
  • Color: red (can be customized)

Fertilizer mixing equipment

Fertilizer mixer is mainly used for mixing all sorts of materials evenly before fertilizer granulating procedure. Tongda manufactures several fertilizer mixing equipment for small fertilizer plants. At present, there is horizontal mixer, disc mixer and bb fertilizer mixer. You can use them to your bio-organic fertilizer production, vermicompost fertilizer making, cow dung fertilizer manufacturing, etc.

Tongda vertical disc mixer
Tongda vertical disc mixer

Tongda vertical disc mixer

  • Model: TDPG-1600
  • Power: 7.5kw
  • Mixing Speed: 16 r/min
  • Capacity: 2-4t/h
  • Application: mixing all sorts organic fertilizer materials

Organic fertilizer granulator

Fertilizer pelletizer is the key machine in granular fertilizer production process. It is generally assembled behind fertilizer mixer, which is to granulate powder fertilizer materials into fertilizer pellets. Now, Tongda manufactures three granulators for the organic pellet granulation, the disc granulator, the rotary drum granulator and organic fertilizer pellet machine. In addition, there is cow manure pelletizer, chicken manure granulating equipment, poultry manure equipment. And the granulating rate can reach more than 90%.  The capacity is changing between 1-30 t/h. If you have demands in fertilizer granulating machine, please inquiry us for detailed information.

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Rotary dryer and rotary cooler

Rotary drum drying machine is suitable for drying organic fertilizer. It could quickly remove moisture from the fertilizer products. The rotary drum cooling machine is usually matched with the drying machine, enhancing the production efficiency.

Coating Machine
Coating Machine

Fertilizer Coating Machine

  • Model: BM1200*4000
  • Inclination: 3°
  • Rotating Speed: 14(r/min)
  • Capacity: 5t/h
  • Power: 5.5kw

Screening Machine

Rotary screening machine is a new type of self-cleaning screen special equipment produced by Tongda. Its screening capacity can vary from 1t/h to 20t/h. You can choose the most suitable one according to your manufacturing demand.

Fertilizer bagging equipment

Tongda recommend the single bucket automatic packing scale to the small fertilizer production plant. It can realize quantitative packing.

With the exception of above mentioned facilities, Tongda also supply the grouped facility such as: fertilizer batching machine and fertilizer conveyor. However, all the machines have different configurations and models. So, if you want know more information, our sales manager will soon send you detailed product presentation. Please feel free to contact us any time you are convenient.

Complete small scale organic fertilizer production line provided by Tongda

The small-scale powder organic manure manufacturing process

The powder fertilizer refers to a fertilizer that makes fermented raw materials into the state of powder. Therefore, the small-scale powder organic manure manufacturing line is consisted of the organic substance fermentation, fermented materials crushing, screening and packing.

small scale powder organic fertilizer production line
small scale powder organic fertilizer production line

Organic substance fermentation process: it is a crucial process of the pre-treatment of raw materials. The fermentation process is that adds some fermentation preparation to the raw materials for the purpose of deodorization and sterilization.

Fermented materials crushing process: crushing is an important process in the powder fertilizer production. After fermentation, all the raw materials are crushed evenly in order to make the powder fertilizer.

Chain Crusher
Chain Crusher

Tongda Chain Crusher

  • Model: TDLTF-500
  • Power: 11kw
  • Capacity: 1-3t/h
  • Size of Material: < 100mm
  • Diacharge size: ≤3mm

Screening process: it belongs to the process of product post-processing. Through screening process, the qualified fertilizer products will enter into the packing procedure, while the unqualified fertilizer products are returned into crushing machine.

Packing process: this is the last procedure that put the fertilizer into packaging bags by automatic packing scales.

Here you should pay attention to the choice of the crushing machine. If your raw materials contain high moisture, Tongda experts recommend the semi-wet material crushing equipment, which can not only adopt to high moisture materials, but also save the cost of buying the dewatering machine for you.

The small scale granular organic fertilizer production line

Compared with the powder manure, the granular small scale organic fertilizer production line is relative complexity. In addition to the same procedures with the powder production line, the small scale granular organic manure making line also contains the mixing process, granulating process, drying and cooling process, coating process.

small scale granular organic fertilizer production line
small scale granular organic fertilizer production line

Mixing process: the raw materials need mixing together in a mixer. By mixing evenly, this procedure makes preparation for the granulation.

Granulating process: it is the core procedure in the whole granular organic manure making line. It is a procedure that is to process the powder fertilizer into granular organic manure.

Disc Fertilizer Pelletizer
Disc Fertilizer Pelletizer

Disc Fertilizer Pelletizer

  • Model: TDYZ-2000
  • Edge Height: 350mm
  • Rotary Speed: 21(r/min)
  • Capacity: 1.2-1.5t/h
  • Total Power: 4kw
  • Dimension: 2260*1650*2250mm

Drying process: after wet granulation, the fertilizer products must be high moisture. Thus, you need to remove the excessive moisture.

Cooling process: this process is matched with the drying procedure. Therefore,  the aim is to decrease the temperature of fertilizer.

Coating process: it is an unnecessary step. But if you want to make your granular fertilizer more beautiful, Tongda advises you to assemble a coating machine in the small scale granular organic fertilizer production line.

Packing process: packing is the last process for your small scale commercial organic fertilizer manufacturing. With the help of a fertilizer granules bag filling machine, you can pack your products efficiently with high accuracy. What’s more, Tongda Machinery provides many different types and specifications for your reference.

Tongda automatic packaging scale
Tongda automatic packaging scale

Tongda automatic packaging scale

  • Model: TDH-C100
  • Function: packing and weighing materials
  • Weight: 800kg
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Packing Speed: 5-8bags/min
  • Degree of Automation: fully automatic

Tongda machine Price for a complete small scale organic fertilizer production line

As you know, price is the major topic for all the fertilizer manufacturer. Because it is directly related to the cost of investment. In terms of fertilizer production line, there are two factors that influence the small-scale organic manure fertilizer making line.

One is the numbers of machines in the making line. For example, the granular fertilizer production line is more expensive than the powder making line. Thus, the more the fertilizer production line needs facility, the higher the price of small-scale organic fertilizer manufacturing flow is.

Another is the configuration. To be honest, the larger the capacity of equipment is, the more the production line will cost. Tongda Heavy Industry has its own processing factory. In addition, our company independently designs and produce these fertilizer making machines. Hence, all the equipment you get from Tongda is factory price. And the price is affordable for the customers from domestic and abroad.

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The detailed small scale organic fertilizer production line established by Tongda machines

Tongda Heavy Industry is a leader manufacturer of fertilizer equipment. With rich experience in making fertilizer facility for many years, Tongda has provided many types of small-scale organic fertilizer making lines for our clients as follows:

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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